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This Song Is Amazing. The Drums Fit The Song Theme, And When The Drops Start, It's Amazing. Also, It's Calm In Some Parts, Which Is A Nice Touch.

Overall, I Give You A 5/5 Star Rating.

P.S. I Heard This Song In A 'Geometry Dash' Level Called 'BZBZBZBZ'.

A Pretty Good Sounding Song. I Love It. Giving You A 5/5 For That Amazingnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnesssansnessnessness.

Just Being Silly. Sorry.

I First Heard This Song In Arcaea (yes, I play Arcaea), And When I Finally Got The Song, I Was Really Happy To Find Out That It Was Made By You. I Wish More Songs By You Were Put Into Arcaea.

You Get 5/5 Stars For Making A Good Song And Having It In Arcaea.

I Obviously Love That Song. So Much So, That I Am Going To Use The Longer Version On 'Osu!' (hehe), Make A Level On Geometry Dash, Make A Rube Goldberg Machine Synchronizing With This Song, And Most Definitely, Follow You.

Anyway, Back To Topic. The Electro Sounds Are So Good That It Fits Together The Music Perfectly. The White Noise Sounds Make It It Sound Like It's Being Glitched, Which I Like. It Goes Perfectly With The Sounds.

I Found Out That The Song Is A Remake Of The Song 'Moonlight Sonata' By Beethoven. How Much Do You Remake Classical Song? And What Is Your Favourite Remake Of Your Own?

Anyway, I Give You 5/5 Stars For Making A Really Good Remake Of A Song With Good Sounds That Are Electro And White Noise Making It Sound Glitchy. Good Job cYsmix.

Yes, I Should Do The Shorter Version Of The Song For 'Osu!'. I Don't Listen To People All Of The Time.


That Means 5/5 Stars For You For Making A Really Good Song.

I'm Not A Cat.

I Prefer The First One Better. You Still Did A Very Good Job.

4.5/5 Stars For Still Making A Good Song, But Having My Preferring Different.

EDIT: Changed My Mind. I Prefer This One Better Than The Original. 5/5 Stars.

Ten Years (soon 11) Since The Previous Comment. I Love This Song!

5/5 Stars For Being Good.

That's A Good Song.

5/5 Stars In My Opinion.

5/5 Stars For Being Mesmerising As Well.

5/5 Stars For Freeing My mind as well.

Yes, I Copied The mind Part.

One Of My Most Favourite Tracks Right Now. Good Job.

5/5 Stars For You.

Edit: I Know.

Fionnhodgson responds:

I'm really glad that people still listen to these old tunes

This Music Is Crazy, Yet Mesmerising.

You Deserve A 5/5 Star Rating.

And Because I Already Said The Star Rating, I Don't Need To Show My Stars To You.

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